The grieving process has been a long and hard one for model Paulina Porizkova. Porizkova shared an image of her and Ric Ocasek, her late husband, on their last vacation yesterday, writing that “in the 35 years of knowing each other, an overwhelming amount of them were wonderful. This is where I will park. With the twenty-five years of amazing memories,” adding that “My love, you know you’re missed every day. 💔 #ricotcasek #loveneverdies #grief #memories #missyou”.

Although the couple separated after 29 years of marriage, they have remained remarkably close and lived with each other, never finalizing the divorce. However, Porizkova’s grieving was complicated when Ocasek left her out of his will.

Porizkova published another Instagram post this week: a video of her crying and grieving. She shared that “Showing myself this vulnerable is probably like you showing US a naked unflattering photo of yourself. This is me at my most vulnerable. My most naked. I’ve hit the bottom of who I am, and my tears are fire. And I already know the fire is destroying the old me forever. And a new me is ready to emerge.”


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