After the news broke that powerhouse couple Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were separating due to a previous infidelity that led to Schwarzenegger fathering another woman's child, everyone seemed to have something to say about the former governor's behavior.

Now even the kids are weighing in on the controversy, taking to Twitter to send some clear messages. Patrick Schwarzenegger, the third oldest of the couple's four children at 17, started his tweet with a quote from rapper Fort Minor on Tuesday. "Some days you feel like s—, some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet i love my family till death do us apart. #family." The teen also took the tactic of dropping "Schwarzenegger" from his name on Twitter and replacing it with "Shriver."

The couple's oldest child, daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger, 21, also touched base with her followers on Twitter with a more upbeat message. "This is definitely not easy but I appreciate your love and support as I begin to heal and move forward in life. I will always love my family!"

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