Episode 5 of the third season of Outlander finally brought what fans had been waiting for: a reunion for Claire and Jamie.


This episode saw Claire struggle with the decision to return to 18-century Scotland. However it was Roger showing up to Claire and Bree’s house for an “American Christmas” that convinces her. He pulls out an old 1765 article full of clues that Jamie is still alive. It uses the phrase “freedom and whisky gang together,” mentions a line from a poem that had not been written yet, and the printer of the article was listed as Alexander Malcolm.

Instead of being excited, Claire is distraught. “I never asked you to do this,” she tells Roger. “I thought you would want to know,” he says back. Still upset, Claire makes Roger promise he won’t tell Bree.

Claire heads to the hospital to speak with Joe Abernathy, who is busy sorting old bones. She confides in her friends that Jamie is actually Bree’s father, and Joe is not surprised.

Meanwhile, Bree is showing Roger around the halls of Harvard prior to her father’s remembrance ceremony. Claire joins them but has an awkward moment with Professor Travers, who had been having an affair with Frank before he died, and he was planning to marry her. “He was the love of my life… I could have made him happy,” Travers says to Claire, upset that she held onto him for so long.

Afterward, Bree confronts Claire because she recognized Travers. Claire explains who she is, but more importantly, decides to inform her that Jamie is most likely still alive back in the 18th century. Bree insists that Claire return. “I love you but I don’t need you,” she says. “Not the way I did when I was little.”

With Bree’s blessing, Claire is free to go. She even steals some scalpels and penicillin form the hospital, as they’d come in handy in 18th-century Scotland. Before she leaves, she gives Bree her grandmother’s pearls and the deed to their home, just in case.

We skip to Edinburgh, right outside of Jamie’s print shop. He calls out and asks if Georgie had walked in. “It isn’t Geordie,” Claire says back. “It’s me, Claire.” Jamie moves very slowly and then faints.

Outlander airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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