Outlander episode 3, called “All Debts Paid,” aired on Sunday, and saw the death of Frank Randall.


This is not the first time Tobias Menzies‘ character died on the show, first as villainous Jonathan Randall and then later as his historian descendent Frank Randall. The episode began in 1956 with an awkward conversation between Frank and Claire. She invited him to the movies, but Frank has already seem them all – with other women. “We agreed we were free to…” Frank starts. “I’m being discreet.”

Later, at Claire’s graduation party, the doorbell rings and it’s none other than Frank’s mistress. Frank told her the part would be over by 6pm, but how wrong he was. Claire rushes everyone out of the house but it’s too late. “You humiliated me in front of my new colleagues,” Claire says, to which Frank responds, “Welcome to the club.” They argue for a short time before Claire suggests divorce, but Frank says no because he doesn’t want to lose their 10-year-old daughter Brianna.

We skip ahead eight years to when Brianna is 18. Frank is banking on his daughter loving him more than Claire, and informs Claire that he got a new job at Cambridge and will be taking the divorce and their daughter. “I would like to live the rest of my life with a wife that truly loves me,” he yells at her. “You couldn’t look at Brianna without seeing him, could you? Without that constant reminder. That’s why you haven’t forgotten him with time.”

“That amount of time doesn’t exist,” she replies.

But in the next scene, after Claire’s hospital shift, she is told that Frank has been in a car accident and died. “If you are still close enough to hear me, I did love you, very much,” she whispers to his body. “You’re my first love.”

Back in 1755, Jamie is serving time in prison and has become the spokesman for his fellow prisoners to the warden. Major John William Grey, however, is taking over the post, and if you recall, his 16-year0old life was saved by Jamie years before. The favor was returns by Grey’s brother who found Jamie near death after the Battle of Culloden. Jamie does remark to Murtagh that the man looks familiar.

Grey and Jamie speak, and Grey seems to be lenient and willing to make concessions for the inmates. A little backstory: Grey is aware that a cache of French gold is hidden somewhere, and that whoever finds it will be rewarded by the Crown. He hears a man wandering the moors speaking of gold, but he can’t understand him, so he calls on Jamie to translate. “I’m a prisoner, not an interpreter,” he starts, but eventually they come to terms. Jamie will get be freed if, and only if, he gives an accurate account of what the incoherent man says. Instead, Jamie wants blankets and medicine for all within the prison. Grey says he can’t afford that, so Jamie asks for those provisions just for Murtagh. Grey agrees.

The man, Duncan Kerr, is understood by Jamie, but the meaning doesn’t make sense, especially when he starts talking about a White Witch. “She seeks a brave man,” Kerr tells Jamie. “A MacKenzie. She will come for you.” Jamie fears he means La Dame Blanche, and runs and hides for three days before revealing himself to Grey. He reminds Grey of the promise his 16-year-old self made – that after his vow to spare Jamie’s life was upheld, he would kill him. “Well sir, here I am,” says Jamie, kneeling. But Grey says he wouldn’t kill an unarmed prisoner. Instead, they play chess by candlelight back at the prison, and speak of love and loss.

An order goes out to close the prison and while others, including Murtagh, are carted off to serve as indentured servants, Jamie is taken elsewhere by Grey. He takes him to Hellwater, where Jamie will live, and where Grey will check on him once a quarter. Jamie is confused about Grey’s kindness, but Grey explains that while his brother fulfilled his vow, he wanted to clear his own name.

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 pm on Starz.

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