Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks was the escape everyone needed when its first season came out in April 2020. A year later, the cast are getting that escape for themselves as they film the second season in Barbados.

Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara, posted a photo enjoying island life as she matched her pink bikini to a pink staircase. “Against their will, photocreds to @jonathandavissofficial @drewstarkey,” she wrote.

A day later, cast members Jonathan Davis and Drew Starkey posed, sunburned on top of a rock with a blue sky behind them. “Castaways,” Davis wrote.

While they were enjoying the sun, the show’s protagonists’ adventures were underwater. “John B findin shipwrecks,” Chase Stokes wrote. “Swipe to see my face after I got stung by an unknown sea creature.”

Season one left off on a massive cliffhanger after John B (Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) survived a hurricane and sailed off to the Bahamas to search for the treasure they went on a quest for in the first season. Presumed dead by everyone back home, JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Davis) and Kiara (Bailey) now have to figure out how to go on with their lives in their North Carolina beach town after everything that happened.

While there is no set date for season two’s arrival, fans should expect to watch it before the end of year.

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