Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is recovering at home after undergoing surgery for appendicitis on Saturday.

Lochte, 36, shared his journey on his Instagram Story, showing himself lying on a hospital bed, and panning over to his wife Kayla sitting beside him. “Moral support my boo,” he wrote as a caption to one of the videos showing her. The couple shares two kids: 1-year-old daughter Liv and 3-year-old son Caiden.

After the surgery, Lochte assured his followers that the surgery had gone well. “Hey everyone, surgery went amazing. I’m all good – I feel great right now,” he said in a video which showed him with tubes in his nose.

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix fills with pus and becomes inflamed. The condition is very painful, with pain spreading from the bellybutton to the right side of the abdomen. Often treatment for appendicitis includes removing the appendix with a few small incisions, and full recovery takes less than a month.

On Sunday, Kayla gave an update on her husband’s condition on her Instagram Story. “He’s doing fine, I think. Still in some pain from the surgery,” she said. She clarified that he had his appendix removed, as well as a “very tiny, tiny hernia.” Later that day, Lochte was released from the hospital.

“Look who’s home!” she said in another Instagram Story. “He survived.”

“Yay, I made it!” Lochte joked in response.

On Monday, Lochte shared that his wife had brought him breakfast in bed, and showed himself giving her a kiss. “Gotta love her!” he wrote in the caption.

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