Olivia Wilde, a co-founder of Conscious Commerce, donned threads from the line of clothing at the H&M Conscious Exclusive launch at the H&M Showroom in New York City Monday night.

Olivia Wilde’s Latest Look

Wilde attended the launch in the H&M Conscious Exclusive silk satin print double slit dress. She covered the sleeveless gray, navy and black number with a black blazer. The Vinyl star accessorized with a silver statement bracelet and matching rings, and rocked platform black heels to complete the look.

While at the event, Wilde admitted that before teaming up with her pal Barbara Burchfield for the H&M line, she had a pretty negative opinion of the company.

“Before I started working with them, I kind of associated H&M as part of the fast fashion problem,” Wilde told The Huffington Post. “As I got to know them I realized they are investing a lot of time and money into changing the way the clothes are produced and changing the message to the consumer about how they purchase items. I was proven completely wrong. I said I thought you guys were evil … you’re not evil?'”

When Wilde’s not rocking clothes from Conscious Collection, she’s likely wearing a find from a vintage store or flea market.

“I don’t shop obsessively and I don’t feel the need to stay on trend at all times. I tend to shop from my own wardrobe as much as possible,” Wilde said. “I also buy a lot of vintage — I love the Brooklyn Flea.”

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