YouTube user Olajide has introduced viewers to a new website on Wednesday which predicts your age based on the pictures you upload.

Olajide runs the popular YouTube channel KSI, which is known for its comedy skits and hilarious parodies.

This week, Olajide posted a video of himself using a new website called, which guesses a person’s age based on a photograph they upload to the site.

Olajide starts off by uploading a picture of his black friend Toby to the site. However, the site tells him that it cannot detect the face. Olajide laughs at the apparent rejection and says, “Well that is just racist man.” When Olajide goes to upload another picture of Toby he gets the same warning to choose another picture. “I guess this website just does not like your face Toby,” he adds.

Olajide, 21, then uploads a picture of himself to the site, and it determines that he is 34 years old. Outraged he hilariously responds with a, “What the f–k man? Why in the world do I always have to have an I.D. when I go to a club then?” he rants. It gets funnier when Olajide uploads a picture of his 18-year-old brother and the website declares him a 44 year old!

The next picture Olajide uploads to the site is his friend Simon, who he points out i. The website predicts that Simon is 23 years old. Olajide tells viewers, “That’s actually really close to his age, since he’s 22.”

What do you think? Check out the video for yourself!



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