Fans are going crazy over another post from the TikTok account of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s eldest daughter, North West.

The 9-year-old’s account, under the moniker @kimandnorth, recently posted a video with Michael Jackson’s hit song “Man In The Mirror.” North and her friend Ryan, the daughter of Kardashian’s publicist Tracy Romulus, dance and lip-synch to the song. She captioned the video “we like to change up the lyrics.”


We like to change up the lyrics

♬ Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

North, whose goofy TikTok antics, sometimes with her mom, often go viral, dons various filters and even slaps on fake facial hair during the makeshift music video. At one point, she smears shaving cream on the faux stache. The girls appear in various places in the Kardashians’ lavish house, showing off their all-white furniture, massive hallways and what appears to be a fridge exclusively for desserts.


Although the account has comments turned off, presumably to protect the young star from any potential negative comments, that hasn’t stopped TikTokers from sharing how much they love North’s posts. Many fans have pointed out on other accounts that North bears a strong resemblance to her father Kanye, both in looks and in mannerisms.

One anonymous account reposted a recent video of North and bestie Ryan lip-synching to a viral audio of Eminems song “Big Weenie.” Fans raced to the comments to share their love for little West.

“North is so funny,” one fan noted. “Her comments would only be positive too.”

Another commented that North is “ahead of her time.” Others lovingly pointed out that she’s “so chaotic” and “definitely Kanye’s kid” in response to her notoriously silly energy and unique sense of humor.

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