This is a big week! For one, this weekend marks the anniversary of my birth. Moreover, technology aficionados can preorder the newest iPhone tomorrow. Within our gaming sphere, a few hotly anticipated titles are coming out tomorrow, with other consoles scoring Assassin’s Creed Origins. Nintendo, however, has a super title arriving for their flagship system tomorrow, too…


Super Mario Odyssey, Mr. Video’s next mainline installment, jumps into stores tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch. Taking cues from Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, this entry harkens back to the sandbox-esque 3D template, evolving it with Mario’s new companion, Cappy. Is Mario’s versatile skillset somehow not enough to collect that Power Moon looming in the distance? Use Cappy’s magic to possess another life form, granting you access to another batch of movement options. The enigmatic talking hat has other uses, too! So, get ready for a journey across the world, filled with hidden secrets and Easter eggs! And, by the way, I’ll be reviewing Odyssey.

Mario and Cappy possessing a T-Rex in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario possessing a T-Rex in Super Mario Odyssey (Image: Nintendo)

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

Nintendo Switch


  • Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (GameMill Entertainment, $39.99 – launches 10/31, will also be available at retail)
  • MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch (Ubisoft, $39.99 – launches 10/31, will also be available at retail)
  • Monster Jam Crush It! (GameMill Entertainment, $39.99 – launches 10/31, will also be available at retail)
  • Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon (Koei Tecmo, $59.99 – also available at retail)
  • Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo, $59.99 – launches 10/27, will also be available at retail)
  • King Oddball (10tons, $4.99 – launches 10/30)
  • Moon Hunters (Kitfox Games, $14.99)
  • Poi: Explorer Edition (PolyKid, $29.99)
  • Splasher (Plug In Digital, $14.99)
  • Time Recoil (10tons, $13.99)
  • Violett (Forever Entertainment, $8.99)
  • ZOMBIE GOLD RUSH (Amazing Inc., $4.99)


  • Heroes of the Monkey Tavern (Monkey Stories, free)
  • Piczle Lines DX (Rainy Frog, free)

Nintendo 3DS


  • Creeping Terror (Aksys Games, $8.99 – launches 10/31)
  • GALAXY BLASTER CODE RED (RCMADIAX, $1.49 – New Nintendo 3DS exclusive)
  • Halloween Night Archery (Petite Games, $1.99 – New Nintendo 3DS exclusive)
  • Worcle Worlds (Lightwood Games, $9.99)

Nothing listed above catches your attention? Then check out what’s on sale. By the way, what’d you guys think of this week’s big Animal Crossing reveal?

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