Are you shopping for a present for that special someone in your life? Yes or no, be sure to save some cash for the Nintendo eShop, since some new games just joined its lineup!


Dragon Quest Builders brings one of Square Enix’s most prolific franchises over to the Switch, and it’s coming with exclusive content for the Switch iteration. You’re the fabled Builder, and it’s up to you to construct medieval metropolises and populate them while warding off dangerous monsters. You’ll be able to partake in the real-time adventure tomorrow, and a demo is currently available if you’d like a sample.

Aegis Defenders, likewise, will see you pioneer, develop and protect your village from hostile invaders. The mythical Aegis weapon is said to be the only thing that can save your town, so you’ll have to find it!

Owlboy is a narrative-focused side-scroller where you, as the titular hero Owlboy, will ascend to the skies. Our winged friend can also give a lift to his friends, and they’ll face many perilous dangers and foes on their quest.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology joins the Nintendo 3DS roster on February 13. An updated re-release of a previous Atlus JRPG, you’ll once again be able to bear witness to the all-powerful White Chronicle, screwing around with time travel in the process. New content has been added to this iteration, expanding the game’s story and presentation.

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

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