Nicole Scherzinger is reportedly considering reuniting with longterm on-and-off boyfriend Lewis Hamilton after the two had a heart to heart.

The couple has only been apart for a few months – their last break up reportedly took place in early June. And, this is not the first time the super-stars have broken up only to reconcile a month or two later. The duo began dating in 2008, broke up in 2011 and got back together a few months later only to repeat the cycle in October 2011. They got back together at the end of 2011 and appeared strong until their summer break-up.

Hamilton, a Formula One driver, has not been shy when it comes to expressing his love for Scherzinger. He even dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix win to his estranged girlfriend in late July, saying, “It’s not been the easiest few months, I was just saying that my family have been really supportive. It feels a little bit odd without that someone here, but I would say now that these are one of those races you want to dedicate to that someone.”

However, with Hamilton traveling all over the world to compete and Scherzinger’s many work commitments (the singer is currently in London filming the upcoming season of U.K.’s The X-Factor), the distance has been the couple’s Achilles heel. Hamilton reportedly flew to California in early August to talk to Scherzinger and work through their problems keeping up the long distance relationship.

“After the split he [Hamilton] was devastated so when he suggested that he fly out to see Nicole, he was delighted she said yes… They desperately want to be together, but they know that from now until Christmas is going to be really tough. They’re both willing to give it their best shot and try to make a success of it though,” a source told Uk’s The Mirror.

In late June, Hamilton was quoted by The Sun, saying he anticipated the couple getting engaged within the coming year.

“We’ve been together for five years, which is quite a milestone really. But hopefully in the near future. Maybe before we get to six years,” Hamilton said.

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