Nicki Minaj will testify on behalf of her brother Jelani Maraj in his child rape trial.


Maraj stands accused of raping his then-11-year-old stepdaughter as much as four times per week. The girl’s younger brother, now 10, took the stand as an eyewitness, claiming he walked in on Maraj and his sister in 2015. He said his sister’s pants were “around her ankles,” and he “saw [Maraj’s] underwear close to his knees. I thought it wasn’t right. It looked weird to me, so I ran upstairs.”

The boy testified that Maraj later found him and slapped him in the face “about 10 times… He asked I had seen anything. I said, ‘Yes.’ He slapped me on the cheek.”

At the time, Maraj was married to the children’s mother Jacqueline Robinson. “Jelani said I wouldn’t see [my mother] again if I told on him. His face was kind of mad,” the boy alleged. He also shared that, as his room was right next to his sister’s, he sometimes would hear his door be closed at night and then his sister’s bed squeaking.

Prosecutors say that the young girl, now 13, was raped as often as four times per week. “I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that [the girl’s] medical exam can prove penetration,” said Dr. Aaron Miller after reviewing the case file. Additionally, prosecutors found DNA consistent with Maraj’s in semen found on a pair of the girl’s pajama pants.

Maraj’s lawyers are arguing that the allegations were made up by Robinson as an extortion plot against Minaj. They are suing for $25 million. Minaj posted her brother’s bail of $100,000 when he was arrested in Dec. 2015. “Why would [Robinson[ lie and force her children to lie?” the defense asked. “I can give you 25 million reasons why.”

Minaj will testify in court soon, but the date has not been released. Maraj’s lawyer David Schwartz claims that Robinson said to Minaj, “‘I can make the charges go away for $25 million.’ …Jackie became obsessed with Nicki Minaj — getting her hands on her money,” the lawyer continued. “An evil Jackie targeted [Maraj], trying to get him to marry her, and then just four months after they were married, we have this.”

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