Nicki Minaj clearly bit off a little more than she could chew when she told fans she would be stopping by a North London cafe for a meetup while she was still in town after performing at the Wireless Festival.

Videos of the event show that she became completely surrounded by fans at times, and one funny video shows the stressed rapper giving a fan who tried to get a selfie shot with her a light shove out of her way. The fan uploaded the quick clip to TikTok, where it appears Minaj was attempting to get fans to back away before pushing the man filming. in the shoulder.

The Superbass rapper also took to social media to plead with her clamoring supporters to make a more organized line. She responded to a video of fans chasing her car saying, “If you don’t get in a contained space they won’t let me out of the cars.”

Since the shoving video is from outside, it seems Minaj made it out for a moment. Due to the intense crowding concerns, she had to be escorted into the venue by London police.

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