While this is Nick Viall’s first time in the titular role of the Bachelor, this is not his first rodeo in the world of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.


Viall has participated in three different iterations of the hit ABC show, and now finally has his best shot at finding love in the series’ 21st season. He appeared on the seasons 10 and 11 of The Bachelorette, and both times the bachelorette chose another guy over him. Both seasons were fraught with drama and sex, but season 10’s Andi Dorfman at least let him down before he proposed. Season 11’s Kaitlyn Bristowe waited until he was down on one knee before she told him she had chosen another man.

Nick was then cast in season three of the summer series Bachelor in Paradise. While many found him arrogant during the Andi fiasco season, he gained some respect and love from his experiences with Kaitlyn. So during Paradise, Nick was a much more lovable guy. He tuned down the arrogance and became one of the funniest, most likable guys at the beach. The fact that Josh Murray was also part of the cast helped Nick out, as Josh, from season 10 had been outed by Andi as being not a very nice man.

While Nick didn’t manage to find love on the beach, he more seemed to find himself. So while some people weren’t thrilled with Nick being named season 21’s Bachelor, the choice seems very fitting. First of all, he is a changed man with a lot of TV experience, specifically Bachelor TV experience. He is 36, a nice mature change from the last bachelor who was only 26. Next, he is very good-looking, which never hurt in the love game, or in the reality TV game.

Dog days of summer

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Discreetly getting that wedgie #madeinfidelity ?: @abe.bermudez

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The first ad for the new series shows Nick looking overcome with excitement about his new role in the show. For once women will be vying for his love instead of the other way around. And of course, they couldn’t help throwing in some shirtless shots of the man, bookended by women saying how sexy he is. Let’s hope he really has transformed and the arrogance has seeped away, but according to him in this ad, he’s “killing it.”

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