Fashion Week launched with Nicholas K's Spring/Summer 2013 collection "Soylent Green" at the Lincoln Center, inspired by the eponymously-titled sci-fi 70s film that predicted a dystopian future for New York in 2022. "It had this futuristic, nomad feeling that was interesting for us since we're really organic in our lifestyle," Nicholas Kunz, one half of the brother-sister duo that makes up the Nicholas K brand, told ELLE. "It talks about how there are all these technological advances, but people are reverting back to pureness and a minimalistic life." Debuting at 9 a.m. on Thursday with a 61-look array of predominantly beige, caramel and the occasional burnt orange piece, Nicholas K stayed true to their natural style. "I think having grown up in Arizona, we have a fond appreciation for nature, the outdoors and a simpler way of living," Nicholas K told Uinterview exclusively last year. "I think in our collection, if you look at the color palettes, it has a very organic, natural feeling. We use a lot sand tones, olive greens and browns. A lot of those inspirations are taken from landscapes and nature."

But there's nothing pedestrian about Nicholas K's 2013 collection: urban hoodies, trapeze jackets and pants were adorned with pockets, grooves, buttons and zippered pouches for the on-the-go modernite. "I’ve lived in New York City for 18 years now, and I really appreciate the city life as well. So when I’m designing or when we’re thinking about the collection, I really try to find a balance between those two worlds," Nicholas explained to Uinterview. "When you look at the silhouettes of the collection, it’s more downtown, it’s much more fashion forward, it’s much more relevant to what’s going on in the fashion world. Fusing those two worlds together creates a very different look that is taken from our roots."

The baseline? Versatility and comfort. "For us, it's about a versatile wardrobe. When you go on a trip, can you bring one small suitcase and not have to worry about things? I don't want to bring complicated things everywhere. I don't want big luggage. I don't want to worry about things wrinkling," Nicholas told ELLE. In our exclusive interview, Nicholas K named comfort as the key to elegance. "Don’t wear heels if you can’t walk in them, like stilettos. I don’t really wear stilettos anymore because if you’re not practiced in walking in them — I feel like there is nothing more silly than a girl who can’t walk in her shoes," Nicholas told Uinterview, adding that he number one fashion mistake for men is overdoing it. "When you see a man over-accessorize or too gelled, you have this feeling that he’s trying too hard. A certain sense of vanity comes with that. Men should look effortless," said Nicholas. "There should be a sense of ease. One is that he is comfortable, that he’s not squeezing into something," added Christopher Kunz, the other mastermind behind the label. "With men, they have to have a comfort zone. You see he looks very relaxed and comfortable and easy."

There to support the organic duo from the front row were Matchbox Twenty's Kyle Cook and Paul Doucette, model Rob Evans, Twilight's Chaske Spencer, ELLE creative director Joe Zee, fashion blogger Bryanboy, World War Z actor Eric West, Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop (Aiwo Jawo, Caroline Hjelt), as well as actress India de Beaufort and Irina Pantaeva, both wearing the designer's dresses.

Watch the full exclusive interview with Nicholas K in 2011 here.

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