National Hockey League player Evander Kane denied the recent accusations by his soon-to-be ex-wife Anna Kane that he purposely threw hockey games. Kane serves as a left winger for his team the San Jose Sharks. Kane previously played for a handful of other NHL teams, including the Winnipeg Jets, the Atlanta Thrashers and the Buffalo Sabres.

Kane’s wife first accused him of purposely throwing games in a social media post on her Instagram, where she claimed that the NHL player was constantly betting on games involving his own team and was throwing them to win money with bookies. Following her post, the NHL promised to investigate the allegations. The ice hockey player had filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy after amassing $28.6 million of debt in January.

Kane released a statement on Twitter in which he claimed all of his estranged wife’s accusations were false. “Unfortunately I would like to address the completely FALSE accusations that my estranged wife and soon to be ex wife has made against me.”

Kane revealed that while his lawyers had advised him not to respond to the allegations, the hockey player felt that his fans deserved to hear from him and that he has never gambled or bet on hockey and has certainly never thrown a game. “Even against the advice of my legal team I feel strongly that the public and fans hear this directly from me. I have NEVER gambled/bet on Hockey, NEVER gambled/bet on a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet on any of my games and NEVER thrown a hockey game. I love the game of Hockey and would never do any of what was alleged. I look forward to cooperating fully with the league’s investigation, having my name cleared and looking forward to this upcoming season.”

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