Megyn Kelly has provided this presidential election with several memorable moments, which were often dedicated to Republican nominee Donald Trump and his questionable attitude towards women. Newt Gingrich appeared on Kelly’s television show last night, and the two had a sharp disagreement.

Gingrich vs. Kelly on The Kelly File

Gingrich, a prominent supporter of Trump, is a regular on Fox News. His latest appearance on The Kelly File will be one to be remembered, as the two prolific commentators performed an explosive exchange.

Gingrich not only challenged the legitimacy of the ten women who have accused the Republican nominee of sexual harassment, he also insisted that the media’s coverage of them in relation to the purported scandals of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton is disproportional.

Kelly retorted that Trump’s potential victims deserve to be heard. They can’t merely be written off as liars.


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Gingrich brought up Clinton’s 2013 unpublicized speech where she revealed her dream for a market with “open trade and open borders.” Kelly agreed that’s a topic worth discussing, and she confirmed that they had done so.

The confrontation eventually inspired Gingrich to state, “You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy.” The thesis for his argument was effectively to continue the narrative that the mainstream media is unfairly demonizing his candidate.

Kelly countered by denying his assertion, and affirming her support for “the protection of women” and her dedication to uncovering the character of the man who could lead the United States. She ended the segment by telling her fellow Fox alumni that he has “anger issues.”

The complete exchange can be viewed below:

Needless to say, two well-known figures debating each other on such an issue has caused a lot of attention on social media.

Nicolle Wallace, an MSNBC contributor, proudly took to Twitter with the hashtag #imwithmegyn.

Gingrich seemed pleased with his performance, as he implored his Twitter followers to watch it. Dan Scavino, a Trump aide, was impressed with his peer’s display.


Kelly’s contract will expire after the election ends. It’s currently unknown if she’ll be renewed at Fox or if she’ll depart for another network.

Last year, Kelly was responsible for creating countless headlines when she confronted Trump during the first Republican primary debate concerning the derogatory manner in which he refers to women.

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