Actress and producer Mindy Kaling attended a party this week celebrating the second season of Sex Lives of College Girls. This year, the star looked stunning in Versace after talking to various media outlets this year about her new, healthy habits.


Kaling has been sporting great fashions as of late. Earlier this month, she tweeted that an original Khaite dress she wore was available for auction. The item has since been sold for $1,325.

All net proceeds from the Ebay sale of the original dress went toward Homes For Our Troops, Inc.

Kaling has been open about her efforts toward incorporating more exercise and healthy eating habits into her lifestyle.

Earlier this year she told the Today show, “I am someone who, since I was 14 years old, have been, you know, on some kind of mission to look a certain way.”

“I’m just really trying for the first time, like, moderation,” Kaling said.

The actress said her favored form of exercise is simply walking.

“Sometimes I’ll just be like, well, I have four different times when I have ten minutes, so let’s just walk,” she said.

Several media outlets and fans alike have noticed her happy and healthy glow as she continues to experience career success.

Season 2 of Sex Lives of College Girls premiered November 17 on HBO Max. Kaling’s other series, Never Have I Ever will return to Netflix for its fourth and final season in 2023.

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