Fans of Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi could be seen helping him take over a performance of “Someone You Loved” when he was experiencing twitching onstage from Tourette’s Syndrome.

He was performing at a Frankfurt, Germany concert, and as he as turning away from his microphone amid the tics, loyal audience members filled in the gaps with their heartwarmingly special rendition of the emotionally charged chorus.


The video, which has garnered 49.7 million views, 8.3 million likes and 27900 comments as of Feb. 26, was posted under the user handle katharina.shry and captioned: “we support you!!!”

Capaldi first spoke out on the condition in September of 2022, relieved that it was Tourette’s and not a degenerative disease.

Tourette’s impacts the nervous system, spurring sudden, often uncontrollable movements or vocal noises called tics. While treatment and medication can help, there is currently no perfect cure, and the severity and type of the tics vary from person to person. Other artists with Tourette’s include pop star Billie Eilish, 21, and Christian musician Jamie Grace, 31.

The “Bruises” singer acknowledges that the tics can worsen when he is stressed or on stage, but suggests that there is value in sharing his Tourette’s experience to the world — for those who are going through similar challenges.

“I thought I was quite alone in being twitchy. It’s been a relief and, if anything, nice to know I have a community,” he said on Jonathan Ross‘s show in October. “Now I am the poster boy for Tourette’s. I’ll take it, I’ll gladly accept that.”

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