Samuel Shaffer, a self-proclaimed doomsday prophet, will serve 26 years in the Utah State prison for a child rape case.

Last week, he was sentenced 25 years to life for child rape and one to 15 years for child abuse. Back in February, the leader of the Knights of the Crystal Blade admitted to committing a sexual act with an 8 year-old, the daughter of John Coltharp, who was also a member of the cult. The court documents state that he inspected the girl to find out if she was a virgin.

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Following the sentencing, Judge Matthew Bell told Shaffer, “The facts regarding the abuse inflicted by the defendant and the grave risks that were presented to his victims are egregious. Mr. Shaffer, I want to be clear. You’re not being sentenced based on religious views. You’re being sentenced based on your parental conduct, which is highly disturbing.”

Bell then detailed that there were multiple victims to his abuse. “Some you abused directly. Some apparently suffered abuse at the hands of others but with your permission,” Bell said. “The victims in this case are quite young.… Rather than care for and protect them as you claim was your intent, you groomed, endangered and exploited these victims.”

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Before he received his sentencing, he said he was not upset that the girl testified against him, and that he loves her. “I don’t want her to blame herself in the future for putting me away. I want her to know that I’m glad she testified against me,” Shaffer told the court. “I want her to know that everything that’s happening to me is my fault and it’s not her fault. I love her and I respect her. And it’s ok that she talked.”

Schaffer realizes and accepts the wrong he has done, but tells the court it was not how it was meant to be.  “It did start as a religious thing, but I do accept culpability,” Shaffer says. “I am sorry.”

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