Guns N’ Roses front man, Axl Rose fell on stage during the band’s long drawn out rendition of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” during their November 1 Las Vegas show. Rose was playing his heart out when he took a few hops backward and slipped on stage, landing on his butt and with his hat flying off his head.

The 57-year-old rocker made a joke out of the fall and asked the audience “How was that?” before getting right back up and continuing with the show.


Following the incident, Rose has been keeping interacting with fans and the public and shared an update regarding the accident.

“Thank you for all the best wishes and, if I hadn’t had the boots, the straps n’ everything I do for my ankles it would’ve been worse.” the star tweeted.

Many fans responded with kind words, jokes and enthusiastic wishes for Rose’s good health.

This isn’t Rose’s first on stage accident either. Back in April 2016, Axl Rose had an another terrible accident onstage, and broke his foot ahead of the GNR’s classic line-up reunion tour.

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