Luxury fashion brand Givenchy has caused outrage online after showcasing a noose necklace during Paris Fashion Week.

The show had three models wear the necklaces as they strutted down the runway. The colors options were silver or gold.

The showpieces were created by Givenchy’s creative director Matthew Williams. It was his first in-person show since joining the brand last summer.

On social media, the response to the show did not favor the brand. Many called out Givenchy for their controversial necklace. Twitter user Abhik Choudhury (@iamabhik) wrote on the platform, “Honestly in which world having a noose hanging on a girl’s neck is fashion, #Givenchy? Spring/summer 2022 dragged way back to 1882,” referencing to the new collection.

Twitter user @KeithEdmonsom61 wrote about the racial insensitivity of using a noose as a necklace design.

“So you’re putting out ready-to-wear “Nooses” right? The fact that your clothing is abysmal and horrific is secondary, to your insensitivity in having a black man wear a noose on his neck as a fashion design statement!”

Another Twitter user @Jowe_FBPEGlobal wrote, “This is very disrespectful to people who someone [had committed] suicide or execution, and to people struggling with suicide, as well as female unfriendly.”

Givenchy has not commented on the backlash nor have they stated if the necklace would be removed from the collection.

Givenchy isn’t the first luxury brand that revived backlash for its fashion pieces.

In 2019, Burberry released a hoodie that featured a design of noose. One of the brand’s models, Liz Kennedy, went on Instagram after walking the show and wrote, “Suicide is not fashion. It is not glamorous nor edgy and since the show is dedicated to the youth expressing their voice, here I go.”

The brand publicly apologized and removed the item from its collection.

The same year, Gucci also withdrew a woolen jumpsuit from their website for it resembling black face.

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