Half of the original cast of the beloved 90s sitcom Friends have reunited! Friends first aired in 1994 and the friendship between cast members Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow has been going strong ever since.

On June 23, Kudrow posted a somewhat blurry photo of herself, Anniston and Cox with the caption was “Halfway there… #girlsnights #?” Since then, speculation has been brewing about a potential reunion of the full Friends cast.

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Halfway there… #girlsnight #?

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Cox also posted a picture of the trio together on her Instagram as well, which has made fans extremely happy. Both of the photos are filled with comments hoping for a reunion and fans saying how much they love seeing these three ladies together.

On June 15, Cox shared a picture of the three of them on her Instagram to celebrate her birthday.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live five years ago, when Anniston was a guest star, Kimmel presented a Friends fan-fiction script for he and Anniston to act out. Cox and Kudrow both appeared on Kimmel’s set and surprised Anniston.


Cox was also a guest star on Ellen in February, where she was surprised with the appearance of Kudrow on the show as well. The Ellen recreated the set of the Central Perk Café for the reunion.

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