While Megan Thee Stallion certainly has her fair share of fans, some people noticed that she had a huge fan in person at the Billboard Music Awards, which was none other than the model and actress Cara Delevingne who was acting a little strangely towards the rapper the whole night.

It’s currently unclear whether they actually were attending as a group, and Delevingne has called Megan her “friend” in the past, but there were plenty of moments where even the rapper could have been a little perturbed by Cara’s actions.

One Twitter user shared a clip of Megan on the red carpet with what they called a “creeping” Delevingne popping her head out in the background to look at her. Another video shows that the Suicide Squad actress then took it upon herself to be Megan’s personal wardrobe assistant, going behind her to toss her train around for the paparazzi.

Megan seemed generally undisturbed by this moment, but people online were already confused about this slightly erratic behavior coming from the model, and it would only continue to get stranger as the award ceremony began.

Delevingne and Megan seemed to be seated together during the ceremony, which makes it more likely that they arrived as a group. When Megan was announced as the winner of the Best Female Rap Artist category, Delevingne is seen sticking her tongue out in the rapper’s face and grabbing her train to extend it again as she stood up to take the award.

One final clip that had a couple of fans scratching their heads was when Delevingne jumped into a conversation between Megan and the rapper Doja Cat who was seated ahead of them. Delevingne’s head literally pops into frame from seemingly nowhere, though Doja reacts sweetly and is heard saying, “Wait, I love you guys together.”


While all of these moments are a little strange, it’s possible that Megan wasn’t bothered by any of this, and internet sleuths are just reaching for a problem. Some people did recall, however, that Delevingne has behaved strangely around other black celebrities, though. In one clip captured in the fall of last year, the model is seen going onstage, licking, and standing uncomfortably close to Azealia Banks while the rapper attempts to perform her song 212.

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