Alicia Vikander is starring as Lara Croft in the rebooted Tomb Raider film, due out in March 2018.


The first poster for the film dropped today, and people are focused on only one thing: Vikander’s neck. There may have been an issue with Photoshop that no one at the studio noticed. Her neck looks oddly long and her head seems slightly out of proportion with the rest of her body.

Many took to social media to roast the poster. “The only way Vikander’s neck makes sense in this poster is if the movie was originally TOMB RAPTOR,” says one Twitter user. “Her neck looks like she’s a John Carpenter Thing right as it’s revealing that it’s The Thing,” said another.

Aside from the jokes, the poster plays it fairly safe. It features a photo of Vikander as Croft facing away from us, but turning her head toward us. The misty background of the ocean and jagged rocks is a straight cut from the original video game. She wears the same brown tank top, dirty jeans, and thick belt, and has a bandage on her bleeding upper arm. The tagline, “Her legend begins,” is simplistic as well. She also holds a climbing axe, her signature weapon from the game.

Still, wags are too busy making jokes about her neck to care much about the story just yet. “No disrespect meant to Alicia Vikander, because she’s lovely. But this poster makes it look like she has a neck like E.T. lol,” wrote one Twitter user. Others, however, point out that the actress does have a fairly strong neck, so it might be a legitimate photo with awkward hair placement. “I’m still not sure but after looking at some photos of her I think that’s actually Alicia Vikander’s neck, it’s just that long.#tombraider,” says another user.

Tomb Raider also released its first teaser trailer, and expect the full trailer to drop tomorrow, Sept. 20.

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