Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was spotted on the golf course with a new partner – model Kelly Rohrbach.


Rodgers, 33, recently split with long-time girlfriend Olivia Munn, but was seen walking with Rohrbach, 27, at the Westchester Gold Course in Los Angeles last Thursday.

A few weeks ago, Rodgers said he would betaking a break from golf. During that off-time, he got into a hilarious Twitter battle with the fake villain from Happy Gilmore, Shooter McGavin.


“I feel great,” Rodgers said at the time. “I put a lot of work in this offseason. As much as I love golf, it’s kind of taken a backseat to my workouts, and I’m light as I’ve been I think ever coming back at this time of the year. Being under 220 [lbs] was kind of a goal for me. I hit that goal to start, and now it’s continuing to build my body. But I feel really good. My knees feel great. My arm feels really good.”

But just weeks after saying this, the quarterback and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model were seen on the green.

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