A group of motorcyclists and a man driving an SUV engaged in a prolonged altercation on Manhattan’s Henry Hudson Parkway on Sunday that has resulted in the arrests of two individuals so far.

Once motorcycle rider Christopher Cruz, 28, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, reckless menacing and endangering the welfare of a child. By Tuesday afternoon, a second rider was also arrested and charged in relation to the events on Sunday, reported CBS News.

The driver of the SUV, 33-year-old Alexian Lien, will not face any charges.

On Sunday afternoon, Lien was driving down the Manhattan highway in his black Range Rover with his wife and infant daughter as passengers. When one of the motorcyclists swerved in front of him and appeared to hit his breaks—despite the fact that there was no light or traffic ahead—Lien nicked his back wheel. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly ruled Lien’s swipe of the bike accidental.

Thirty seconds after the initial contact, the swarm of bikers surrounded Lien’s SUV and stopped on the highway. One biker dismounted his bike and walked towards the SUV. Others followed, taking off their helmets with which they began to strike his truck. In an effort to evade the bikers, Lien gunned it, knocking three of the motorcyclists to the ground.

For the next several minutes, the pack of bikers continued to follow Lien through the city until the driver was forced to stop in the midst of traffic. One of them threw open the driver’s side door, which caused Lien to, once again, take out another biker in the process.

Arriving in the Washington Heights neighborhood, Lien arrived at a standstill in traffic when bikers got off their bikes again, taking off their helmets and slamming the SUV’s windows until they broke. Eventually, they successfully opened the driver’s side door and beat Lien in the middle of the street.

“One of the bicyclists, he got off his bike, and he started attacking the person in the Range Rover with his helmet, breaking the windows,” witness Christopher Quinones told WCBS. “And after they got him out of his car, they beat him up.”

The biker group was in town for an annual New York City ride over the weekend. Though the riders, who incidentally call themselves the Hollywood Stunts, planned to swarm Times Square, checkpoints had been set up in Midtown Manhattan to curb the mass motorcycle presence in the city’s busy commercial area.

– Chelsea Regan

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