A study done at the University of California – San Francisco found that people who regularly shave their pubic hair are 75% more likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection than are non-groomers.


The survey included U.S. residents aged 18-65 and asked their STI history, sexual behaviors, and grooming habits. The correlation was found between being clean-shaven and an increased chance of developing an STI.

One reason could be that shaving causes tiny micro-tears in the skin, through which bacteria and viruses can enter the body. This is not to say that shaving causes STIs, but it could be a contributing factor.

The study defined “extreme grooming” as removing all pubic hair more than 11 times per year, and “high-frequency grooming” as a daily or weekly trimming down there. Those in the extreme grooming camp were 28% more likely to have reported having an STI.


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Another possible explanation for these results could be that those who participate in extreme grooming have more sexual partners, which is another known factor that increases one’s chances of contracting an STI.

In fact, extreme groomers can take solace in that they are much less likely to get pubic lice. The survey also contained other more fun facts, such as that men use electric razors more often than women, a similar percentage of men and women use scissors, and a small percentage take part in laser hair removal or using tweezers.

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