Sherlock released a first look at the show’s upcoming Christmas special on Twitter Wednesday in anticipation of their panel at San Diego Comic Con.

New Sherlock Photo Shows Off Watson’s Mustache

Writer and actor Mark Gatiss teased fans on Twitter, announcing that fans would be receiving a “little treat” at midnight UK time yesterday, before unveiling a new photo from the Christmas special.

The photo features stars Martin Freeman (Dr Watson) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), dressed in Victorian suits. The show’s first Christmas special will be a stand-alone episode set in Victorian times, as the photo confirms. Creator Steven Moffat revealed that the special would be “a different version of the show we’re used to.”

“It’s like we checked the books and discovered we’d set it in the wrong time period by mistake and it’s like we’re correcting it,” Moffat added.

The Christmas special will be a delightful 90-minutes long, and is separate from the show’s highly anticipated fourth season, which won’t premiere until 2017. “The special is its own thing. It’s not part of the three episodes,” Moffat confirmed to EW.

Hopefully, the release of the photo prior to the Sherlock Comic-Con panel means that Moffat might be bringing actual footage of the episode to the convention. Moffat is scheduled to appear at the Sherlock panel in Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 alongside executive producer Sue Vertue and co-star Rupert Graves (Greg Lestrade), on Thursday, July 9, at 3:45 p.m.

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