In a trailer released Thursday, Neil Patrick Harris is revealed as Count Olafto in Netflix reboot of Lemony Snicket‘s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Count Olaf becomes the legal guardian of the three main characters after their parents’ deaths. Previously portrayed by Jim Carrey, Count Olaf, the antagonist of Snicket’s series, is the driving force of the franchise, attempting to steal the children’s inheritance. Olaf tries all sorts of plans and plots in order to get what he believes he deserves – from disguises and trickery to flat-out homicide.

The trailer, featured below, has a multitude of characters describing him as “horrible” and “awful.” In response, Harris says a single line as we walks into frame, “You haven’t the faintest idea.”

Actors Patrick Warburton and Joan Cusack also will join the cast as Lemony Snicket and Justice Strauss, respectively. Episodes will premiere Friday, Jan. 13, and reportedly all episodes will be released at once.

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