Gabrielle Union has reached a settlement with NBC over accusations she made last year around the time of her firing from America’s Got Talent (AGT). Union had decided to go on record and condemn the instances of racism and unsanitary working conditions that she allegedly faced while as a judge.

A joint statement was released this week regarding the outcome of talks spawned after Union’s filing of a harassment complaint against AGT earlier in June that was due to her termination from the talent show last year. Representatives for both Union and NBC stated, “We’ve reached an amicable resolution. NBC Entertainment appreciates the important concerns raised by Gabrielle Union and remains committed to ensuring an inclusive and supportive working environment where people of all backgrounds can be treated with respect.”

According to the complaint, “Union, a black woman, was singled out due to her physical appearance and discriminated against by NBC due to the fact that her hair did not fit within the white image that NBC apparently sought to convey to the audience.” While NBC claims their internal investigation allegedly found no evidence of systemic racism, Variety reports, “One insider close to the show says some changes have been implemented, including the installment of sensitivity training and outlets to help screen and elevate issues to human resources more efficiently.”

Union’s allegations included complaints about Simon Cowell’s smoking creating a literal toxic environment for her that affected her health. Union told Variety in an interview that she was “being poisoned at work.” This environment, as well as an incident in which Jay Leno allegedly made a racist joke regarding Koreans and their consumption of canines, lead her to file the initial complaint to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.


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