The NBA slam dunk contest, with its new format, saw John Wall and the Eastern Conference soar past the competition.

With Wall, Paul George and Terrence Ross, the Eastern Conference defeated the Western Conference in the 2014 event on Friday.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Wall’s dunk saw him take an assist from the G-Man Washington Wizards mascot while leaping over his head. He then performed a double pump slam dunk. Wall’s dunk also earned him the “Dunker of the Night” fan vote.

Ross, off an assist from rapper Drake, put the ball through his legs in midair before completing a one-handed dunk.

Though George took all his tries to successfully pull off his dunk, the final act duly impressed the udges. Unassisted, George’s dunk included a spin move as he moved the ball between his legs in midair before coming to the hoop.

An honorable mention could have been awarded to the Western Conference’s Ben McLemore. For his dunk, he leapt over a throne occupied by Shaquille O’Neal before slamming the ball through the hoop. Afterwards, he took a knee while Shaq placed a crown upon his head.

– Chelsea Regan

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