March 23rd is National Puppy Day which is all about celebrating everyone’s most loyal four-legged friend, as well as promote animal adoptions.

The purpose of National Puppy Day is to focus attention on our furry friends who are in need of good and loving home, and also to end the abuse found in puppy mills. However it is also a day to celebrate all the puppies in the world.

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In honor of the special day, both dog owners and dog lovers are using this holiday as a chance to flood the internet with pictures and videos of their favorite canine companions.



Puppies of all sorts were shown off on social media, everyone loves a puppy in costume.



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Even older dogs, who are still puppies at heart, got their share of love and attention.



Real-life puppies were not the only ones celebrated, but even animated puppies have everyone’s hearts.


And the day would not be complete without thanking all the puppies who serve the public.



Celebrities also took the time to celebrate the puppies in their lives. Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell shared a photo of her dog that she adopted and says that, “Even though I never knew you as a puppy, I can only imagine the sweet little smush you were!”


Supermodel Iman Abdulmajid shared a throwback photo of her blue and brown eyed dog Max when he was a puppy.


Actress Eva Longoria shared a photo of her cuddling up with her two puppies.



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