Nashville’s season one finale began with a tired looking Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) trying her best to deal with the police. Meanwhile, Rayna (Connie Britton) talks to her kids about going with Deacon(Charles Esten) to the Country Music Awards, Gunner (Sam Palladio) finally admits to having stolen his brother’s lyrics and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) is mad at Will and contemplates taking up Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) invitation to come by his gig.

When Deacon attempts to apologize to Juliette, he’s met with the cold shoulder. She’s more concerned about singing at the CMA’s, feeling somewhat unburdened by her mother’s death. However, Maddie (Lennon Stella) definitely has something to say to Deacon. She tells him that it’s possible that he’s her father. After watching Rayna and Brad Paisley (as himself) perform “Bitter Memory,” Deacon asks Rayna if it’s true that he’s 13-year-old Maddie’s father. She admits that it is true, and explains that it was his alcoholism that led to her decision to cut him out of the picture and raise Maddie with Teddy (Eric Close).

Maddie, isn’t handling the revelation well at all, and is irate that her mother kept her true paternity a secret for so long. She wants to move in with Teddy. Deacon, likewise, is completely thrown about his newfound fatherhood. He handles it by paying a visit to a bar and breaking his vow of sobriety. Rayna is rightfully worried that the news would lead him to a binge drinking session, as he drunkenly unleashes his anger at Teddy for having kept the secret.

Scarlett does ultimately wind up at Avery’s performance, and even gets up on stage to join him at his behest. Gunner arrives at the bar in the midst of their duet. When Gunner goes to talk to Deacon the next day, he notices he’s drunk. Deacon proceeds to throw things around as Gunnar puts in a call to his sponsor. When Deacon wakes up, he claims he’s going to go to an AA meeting, but takes a drink of hard liquor in the next breath.

Juliette eventually decides to opt out of the CMAs, choosing instead to pay a visit to her mother’s body and feels the full weight of her loss. When she finds out that she won a CMA award the next morning, she’s entirely unmoved; her mother’s funeral is later that day. The police eventually tell Juliette that she can take back the apartment, as they’ve finished their investigation of the crime scene. It would give her peace, but then she finds a letter from her mom that reveals she had been trying to save her.

In the finale’s final moments, Juliette sings a tribute to her mother at the Bluebird. A drunk Deacon tries to leave and drive home, but Rayna takes his keys and drives him as they fight with one another. He’s drinking in the passenger seat and she’s trying to get him to stop, then, all of the sudden, Deacon’s car is shown flipping over and over across the road. Meanwhile, Gunnar proposes to Scarlett.

Answers to whether or not Rayna and Deacon survive, and if Scarlett says yes to Gunner will have to wait until Nashville's season 2 premiere.

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