Country music star Morgan Wallen is facing criticism for not donating the full amount of money he promised to charity groups after he was caught saying the N-word in a video taped rant.

After the video was posted online Wallen apologized and promised that he would donate $500,000 to black-led organizations, money which has apparently yet to be delivered. The only group to receive a donation was the Black Music Action Coalition, which received a donation of $165,000 from Wallen in April, according to the Rolling Stone.

Wallen said that after the video had been posted he received a spike in sales, and wanted to donate the money earned from that spike.

“We got to a number somewhere around $500,000, and we decided to donate the money to some organizations, BMAC being the first one,” he told Good Morning America host Michael Strahan in July.

None of the other organizations that have been contacted have heard from Wallen.

Despite not delivering on his promise, Wallen hasn’t been shy about getting involved with other charities. In June he performed for the Brett Boyer Foundation and established the More Than My Hometown Foundation to help at-risk youth find safe families.

Wallen was also supposed to meet with the NAACP about the video, but never followed through on the plans to schedule a meeting.

Wallen or his team have yet to make a statement about the missing donations.

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