What appears to have started out as a hoax turned tragic Sunday night when Randy Lee Tenley, 44, a man from Kalispell, Mont. who was reportedly trying to stage a Bigfoot sighting, was accidentally killed in a traffic accident.

Tenley donned a Ghillie suit (example of Ghille suit above) — a camouflage outfit that is most commonly used by military snipers to disguise themselves among foliage — and ran out into a dark highway, where he was struck by two passing cars, both driven by young teenage drivers, reports the Los Angeles Times.

"What we know so far is that we had a couple of guys out, allegedly trying to prompt a sighting of Bigfoot," said Montana Highway Patrol Lt. Col. Butch Huseby. "This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Really," he said.

The teenage drivers, Huseby added, were likely quite bewildered by the sight. "For somebody who has never seen [a Ghillie suit], they look absolutely odd. You would not understand what you were looking at."

Tenley was with a friend at the time who revealed what was going on when police arrived at the scene, at which point Tenley was pronounced dead. The case is under investigation to determine if the two men were drinking or if the drivers were at fault.

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