Two teenagers were sentenced to four years in prison for participating in the murders of Miss Venezuela 2004 Mónica Spear and her ex husband Henry Thomas Berry.

Sentencing In Murders Of Monica Spear And Henry Thomas Berry

Spear and Berry were shot dead in January of 2014 after their car broke down on a highway in Venezuela. While waiting for a tow truck, a group of armed robbers pulled up and reportedly opened fire after the former couple locked the car doors. Spear, 29, and Berry, 39, both died at the scene, but their young daughter, who was also in the car at the time of the attack, survived.

Ten people were arrested for the crime, and now two minors, one 17-year-old and one 15-year-old, have been sentenced to four years in prison for their crimes. While the 17-year-old plead guilty to aggravated robbery and taking part in the murders, the 15-year-old was only charged with resisting arrest, theft and conspiracy.

The two young men join three accomplices in prison, all adults aged 18, 19 and 21. The three adults pleaded guilty and have each been sentenced to 24-26 years in prison. Five suspects are awaiting trial.

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