Looks like the Aurora, Colo., Dark Knight Rises shooter, James Holmes, has a copycat admirer in Blaec Lammers, 20, who was arrested and charged earlier today with planning a mass shooting this weekend either a Missouri Walmart or a screening of the final movie in the Twilight Saga, Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

Lammers had reportedly purchased assault rifles for the planned mass murder, as well as over 400 rounds of ammunition. His mother contacted police on Thursday, saying that she was concerned he "may have intentions of shooting people at the movie," reports USA Today.

Lammers allegedly intended on opening fire at B&B Theatre in Bolivar, Mo., during a Friday night screening of Twilight, reports Det. Dusty Ross of the Bolivar Police Department, according to a probable cause statement prepared by him, according to Bolivar Mo. News.

"Blaec Lammers stated that he had purchased tickets to go see the Twilight movie … and he was going to shoot people at the movie theatre on that night," Ross' statement read. "He then got to thinking about it and realized that he might run out of ammunition, so he decided that he would go and shoot people at Walmart in Bolivar. … He would walk into the store and just start shooting people at random and if he ran out of ammunition (he said he purchased 400 rounds), he would just break the glass where the ammunition is being stored and get some more and keep on shooting until the police arrived."

After Lammers had gotten all the killing out of his system, he allegedly planned to turn himself into authorities. "He had taken every step he needed to take except for actually committing the act," said Ross. "He got the idea, he purchased the guns, purchased the ammo, went out and practiced using the gun, got his venue, got tickets to the venue, then thought, 'Well, maybe if I run out of ammo, I need to pick a different venue."

But police acted fast in apprehending Lammers and charging him with class B felony assault in the first degree, class C felony making a terrorist threat and felony armed criminal action. In an interview, Lammers reportedly admitted to Ross that he "had homicidal thoughts" and that he identified with the perpetrators of other recent mass shootings.

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