Michael Rooker, 57, star of The Walking Dead, is scheduled to appear on Mythbusters to test out zombie myths.

The show had planned on doing a zombie episode, but had made no mention of potential guest stars until recently. A request was sent out via Twitter for 300 volunteers to play zombies to help shoot the episode. One of the reported myths being challenged is determining which weapon is best for killing a horde of zombies. The zombie episode of Mythbusters is set to air as part of the show’s 10th season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The Walking Dead is not the only AMC show to get the Mythbusters treatment. An episode dedicated to Breaking Bad is scheduled to air this spring. One of the myths being tested is based on a scene from season 1, in which Jesse (Aaron Paul, 33) dissolves a body with hydrofluoric acid. Walter (Bryan Cranston, 56) tells Jesse to place the body in a plastic container, but Jesse uses a bathtub instead. The acid eats through the tub and the tub subsequently falls through the floor.

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