Michael Bay blasted an article that accused him of killing a pigeon during a 2018 shoot for Netflix thriller 6 Underground in Rome.

According to an anonymous source from Italian authorities in a story on The Wrap – and another person who claimed to have witnessed the incident – a mishap with a dolly resulted in the death of a homing pigeon.

Pigeons, among several other bird species, are a protected species in Italy, falling under a national law that bans hunting, capturing or trapping them.

For unsuspecting tourists, even feeding them can incur a hefty fine.

The charges against the prominent American director and producer are not new ones, however. Over the past year, Bay has tried repeatedly to shut them down, choosing not to settle for a small fine in the case that he would admit to the alleged crime.

His Italian lawyer, Fabrizio Sigma, previously emphasized that the only viable charge against Bay would be that he failed to supervise the team responsible for handling the animals on set, but Bay himself remains adamant about denying all the charges, citing video evidence.

“I am a well-known animal lover and major animal activist,” Bay said. “No animal involved in the production was injured or harmed. Or on any production, I’ve worked on in the past 30 years.”

In a new legal statement, Mathew Rosengart, another of Bay’s attorneys, described The Wrap‘s decision to publish the article anyway as “malicious” and “harmful” to Bay’s financial and professional reputation, calling the headline “false,” “reckless,” “defamatory” and an embodiment of poor journalistic integrity.

Rosengart also noted instances in the past when the director had expressed his love for wildlife, such as his support for African elephants.

The statement claimed that the website’s incomplete investigation has caused Bay “extreme anguish,” ending with a note that The Wrap can anticipate legal action.

After 6 Underground earned poor reviews from critics and the public, Netflix canceled a sequel of the movie that had been in the planning stages.

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