Amid Donald Trump‘s repeated calls for vote recounts, claims that the 2020 election was rigged, and promises to fight Joe Biden‘s assumption of power in 2021, Melania Trump is reportedly focusing on post-White House life. Amid her planning to return to the Mar-A-Lago resort, the First Lady has reportedly been trying to save what she can of her White House legacy.

“She just wants to go home,” a source told CNN of Trump.

As Trump decides what in the White House will be put in storage, sent to New York, or sent to their renovated Florida residents, she has reportedly also been working on traditional First Lady tasks. Upon leaving the White House, past First Ladies have written books, designed fine china for the White House, and established official offices to continue initiatives and policy goals begun during their husbands’ presidencies. Trump seems to be putting her own spin on all three traditions.

Trump’s book, for starters, will not be a memoir like Michelle Obama‘s Becoming or Laura Bush‘s Spoken from the Heart. Instead, sources in the publishing industry say that her coffee table book will likely be photo-centric, and either focused on White House hospitality history or Trump’s design projects as First Lady. The book will likely be similar to Hillary Clinton‘s last book as First Lady, An Invitation to the White House.

Meanwhile, Trump has also recently selected patterns and colors for official Trump china, which is traditionally funded by the White House towards the end of the administration and then left at the White House for future presidents’ use. Trump is reportedly not using White House funding for the china.

Trump also recently reached out, through her staff, to West Wing acquaintances and a member of the Office of Management and Budget to see if there is a taxpayer money set aside for the First Lady after leaving the White House amid post-presidential budgets. There isn’t, but that reportedly has not stopped her consideration of continuing her “Be Best” platform after her husband leaves office.

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