Melania Trump was accused of hypocrisy for her “Be Best” campaign on Monday.

During an anti-drug speech at the Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters to mark Red Ribbon Week, the first lady claimed her program, which has launched last year, “dedicated to helping children and ensuring that we are doing all we can to take care of the next generation.”

“Whether it is showing a simple act of kindness, providing care where there is a need or teaching something valuable, ‘Be Best’ promotes the positive actions happening in our communities and around the globe, and helps children understand what it means to live healthy lives,” said Trump.


Trump’s address focused on her program’s commitment to tackle the opioid abuse epidemic, alongside its mission to increase children’s well-being and online safety.

However, critics on Twitter were quick to point out why they couldn’t take the program seriously, given the behavior of her husband, President Donald Trump, and his administration, towards the children and families:

“Girl, please start by helping your husband be a good person. If that’s too heavy a lift, then just being a normal human being will do. His #BeWorst attitude + language is influencing future generations. Oh, one more thing to tell you: Obama was born in the USA,” said an American Republican strategist and political commentator, Ana Navarro-Cardenas.

Col. Morris Davis responded, “If @FlOTUS was sincerely interested in helping future generations she wouldn’t support @realDonaldTrump as he pollutes the planet, adds a trillion dollars a year to the national debt, and cuts funding for programs that feed hungry children so he and his elite pals can do less.”

“This is not a SNL skit…,” radio personality, Scott Nevins, replied to the campaign briefly.


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