Megan Fox was supporting her partner Machine Gun Kelly during the premiere of his documentary Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink. In reference to the movie’s title, both MGK, full name Colson Baker, and Fox wore outfits with a ton of pink in them. Fox even sported a pink wig while MGK also wore pink jewelry and died his hair that color.

Life In Pink seems like it will be an unflinching look into an artist’s creative process and also personal life. A harrowing scene of the documentary showed Baker describing a suicide attempt he made while on the phone with Fox. He said the incident occurred after his father died, causing Baker’s substance abuse to worsen.

The singer also said he “kept getting paranoid that someone was gonna come and kill me,” and it came to head when he nearly shot himself with a shotgun while on the phone with Fox. Thankfully, the gun jammed and Baker said the incident motivated him to quit using hard drugs.

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