After Piers Morgan offered his two cents on Susan Sarandon‘s outfit of choice during the SAG Awards, the internet went wild with the hashtag, #Cleavagate. Feminists all over the world were tweeting Morgan photos of their cleavage using that hashtag.

Morgan took to Twitter after he saw what the actress chose to wear while presenting the In Memoriam tribute.

“Would Susan Sarandon wear this to a funeral? No,” Morgan tweeted. Morgan insisted that the outfit was inappropriate.

The feud was discussed on The Late Late Show, with Morgan clarifying, “I have absolutely no problem with what she wore. It’s fabulous. She looks amazing. I have no problem with the fact she’s 69. I don’t care how old she is. I had a slight problem, watching it, that she was presenting what is normally a pretty solemn, very respectful tribute to people who died in the previous year.”

As Morgan continued to explain how feminists tweeted their cleavage pictures to him, Big Bang star Mayim Bialik decided to interrupt.

“You know what, I identify as a feminist. I’m going to do it this way,” she said, seemingly opening her dress to show off her chest while facing away from the camera.

Sarandon also quipped back to Morgan through her Twitter by tweeting a photo of herself during The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The tweet was captioned, “Today’s #TBT is dedicated to @piersmorgan.”

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