Matthew Jackson, a California man who tragically lost his life in a car accident last month, has inspired a movement of goodwill and generosity following a major act of kindness committed just 24 hours before his death.

Matthew Jackson Dies Day After Pay-It-Forward Act

Jamie-Lynne Knighten of Carlsbad, Calif., explained how Jackson, a complete stranger to her, gave her a helping hand when she reached the checkout of Trader Joe’s with over $200 worth of groceries and realized she’d left her debit card at home.

“Matthew steps up to me and said ‘May I?’ and I said ‘May you what?'” Knighten recalled to ABC News. “He said ‘May I take care of your groceries?’ I told him ‘No,’ and that it was a very large purchase. He really wanted too. He said, ‘You just have to promise that you’ll do it for somebody else.'”

Kinghten humbly accepted and promised to “pay-it-forward” but not before getting Jackson’s contact details and finding out that he worked in a local gym. One week later she called the gym to get in touch with Jackson and thank him again. The manager she spoke to broke into tears and informed her that Matthew had been in a fatal car crash on Nov. 11, the day after he and Knighten had met.


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Knighten asked if she could be put in touch with Matthew’s mother, LeeAnn Krymow, to tell her of her son’s generosity. Knighten then asked Krymow if she could set up social media accounts under the name “Matthew’s Legacy” to help spread word of his good deed and to inspire others to do the same.

Krymow is glad for the way her son will be remembered. “He would be happy to know that other people are learning from his example.”

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