Matthew David Hughes has been arrested for the breaking into the home of Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem. The police officer who answered the call to look into a reported April home invasion at Mathers’ Michigan address said that the suspect he found claimed he intended to kill Mathers.

On April 5, a police officer for Clinton Township, Adam Hackstock, answered a call of a break-in at a Rochester Hills, Michigan property. Hackstock arrived on the scene to find one of the security guards wrestling down the suspect, later identified as Hughes, a man prosecutors believe to be homeless and mentally ill. Hughes had allegedly introduced himself as a friend living nearby in order to get past security initially and, according to Detective Dan Quinn, an officer assigned to investigate the matter further, security footage showed Hughes stalking the grounds of the Mathers’ residence for “quite some time” before he used a brick to break open a back window and enter the mansion.

Once inside, Hughes, at this point now weaponless, made his way to a room where Mathers was sleeping. Mathers had reportedly assumed Hughes was his nephew upon waking up and asked him why he was there. Hughes replied that he was there “to kill him,” to which Mathers responded by leading Hughes back outside to security where he was then apprehended.

Hughes appeared before Judge Jacob Femminineo Junior, who denied requests to lower Hughes’ bail amount from $50,000. The case will go to trial on September 28 at the Macomb County Circuit Court, where Hughes faces charges of first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction, which could lead to over 20 years of imprisonment.


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