Matt Lauer was fired from hosting the Today show after being accused of sexual misconduct by at least three women. The allegations also threatened his ownership of a ranch in New Zealand, since the country requires its foreign buyers to be of good character.

However, New Zealand authorities have decided to allow Lauer to keep his estate. Generally, the investigation thoroughly searches for criminal records or anything else authorities feel reflects poor integrity of an individual.

Lauer’s farm property spans 26,500 acres in Hunter Valley Station, near the ski resort of Queenstown. The house has five bedrooms with additional huts throughout the estate. Additionally, there’s about 13,000 cattle and sheep roaming around the property, which is located on a river.

New Zealand authorities released a statement that explains the reason for their clearance of Lauer, yet making it clear they do not endorse his alleged actions.

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“Mr. Lauer has not been charged with any offence, nor convicted, and the evidence available to the OIO at this time does not establish that Mr. Lauer is unfit to continue to hold the asset,” said Lisa Barrett, an official at Land Information New Zealand. “However, in reaching this position, we do not condone the inappropriate way that Mr. Lauer has behaved.”

Also, Barrett said Lauer must continue to behave in order to keep his estate, as the issue won’t be simply swept under the rug now.

Last year, Lauer and his wife Annette Roque released a statement regarding their New Zealand estate: “every time we visit, we feel lucky to be in a place of such endless beauty, inspiration and adventure.”

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