Outspoken liberal actor Matt Damon plans to pitch Donald Trump on clean water, saying it is not a partisan issue.


Damon spoke about his cause at the Sundance Film Festival, and told of his hopes to schedule a meeting with Trump in the Oval Office. “Obviously he’s got a pretty full plate right now, everybody’s gonna be coming at him and hopefully we’ll get our turn,” said the actor.

The actor founded water.org with civil engineer Gary White in 2009. The organization uses micro-finance loans to help add hygienic connections to the water systems in poverty-stricken communities.

“Foreign aid we’re not sure where he stands because he hasn’t said a lot about it, and so I think we just have to hope for the best. I genuinely mean that,” said Damon. “There’s a really good argument that engaging with issues like this is good for America and so it’s another really important way that you are putting the welfare of America first by having a presence [abroad]. And also, as a business man, for every dollar you invest in this sector you get back four, so we know he’d appreciate that argument as well.”

Damon also explained how this initiative is not specific to either Democrats or Republicans. “Historically we’ve interacted with people on both sides of the aisle and one of the really nice things about this issue is that it isn’t partisan,” he said, “in an age where it feels like everything is this actually really isn’t. We have really strong support from the right and the left and that’s what it’s gonna take because we really need an all-hands-on-deck approach to solve this,” he concluded.

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