Matt Damon opened up about his hope for political change coming from the bottom up, while promoting his new Iraq war thriller Green Zone on Monday. "Politics is compromise," the actor mused. "I’m disappointed in the health care plan, and in the troop build-up in Afghanistan." Damon credits the President with progress on key issues despite united Republican opposition, but he sees real change bubbling up from the bottom. "Everyone feels a little let down, because on some level, people expected all their problems to go away," Damon said. "But real change comes from everyday people. You can’t wait for a leader."

Green Zone, directed by Paul Greengrass, stars Damon as Roy Miller; a character based on real-life Army chief warrant officer Richard (Monty) Gonzales. Gonzales was part of a mobile Exploitation Team responsible for finding WMD’s during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The movie also stars Amy Ryan as a character based on New York Times‘ reporter Judy Miller, who was accused of hyping the Bush Administration’s case for the Iraq war. Green Zone opens on March 12. –JOE GALBO

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